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Company History

The home farm has been family-owned since being purchased from the railroad in the 1800's. Since then is has become a Century Farm recognized in the state of Minnesota. In its earlier history, it focused on finishing barns and farrowing operations.

In 1981 farrowing operations were phased out and contract finishing slowly developed. In 1991 more expansion took place in the form of a new finishing barn. Later in 1993 the farm began focusing on genetic control of hogs to deliver consistency, lean meat, efficiency and maximum pig flow.

In 1994, KBQ Inc was born. It now has multiple farrowing farms and many finisher farms. KBQ strives for to be on the technological forefront.









Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in technology, efficiency and profitability in the hog industry. Just as important, this operation will act with integrity and be honest and fair in our dealings with all individuals involved.



38781 570th Ave.

Mountain Lake, MN 56159


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"The people are the key to this operation. They make it work."

                                             -Steve Dick