Shell Eggs: Daily National Egg Market-at-a-Glance
Atlanta, GA       Tue. Feb 12, 2019    USDA Market News 
SHELL EGGS: Daily National Egg Market-at-a-Glance 

New York egg prices are 4 cents lower on larger sizes, down 2
cents on Medium.  California and regional prices are steady.  
The undertone is lower.  Supplies are moderate to heavy for
present needs.  The shell egg inventory is 7.7 percent higher
when compared to the previous week.  Offerings are moderate
to heavy.  Demand into the retail and food service channels 
is light to moderate.  Market activity is slow to moderate.  
Breaking stock offerings are moderate to at times available
for the light to moderate demand.  Breaking stock inventory
is up 5.9 percent from last week.  Light type fowl supplies
are sufficient; processing schedules are normal to less than

SOURCE: USDA Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market News Division
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Prepared:  12-Feb-19 12:18 PM E MTH